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Panasonic UB-5335A Electronic Whiteboard

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Panasonic UB-5335A

Panasonic UB5338C Colour Electronic Whiteboard

Save & share all your presentations in colour!....
Panasonic UB5338C

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News: The Panasonic UB-5338C & UB-5838C

Both the UB-5338C and the UB-5838C Electronic Whiteboards have become increasingly popular among our corporate clients as well as schools due to the sophistication and functionality these whiteboards creates within a business or schooling environment.

It’s the type of whiteboard that anybody could use to easily save, share or communicate presentations with its USB and SD memory card inputs and its printing abilities, all whilst still maintaining the functionality of a normal conventional whiteboard.

The USB inputs function as inputs for both storage devices, as well as eligible printers, allowing you to save and share presentations in vibrant colours.